Our Vision

To be the leader in Asset Integrity and Maintenance Services for the Energy, Industrial, and Marine Sectors, providing Green Recovery through cutting-edge technology and service solutions.

We provide Innovative Insight through Decarbonization Planning and Execution Operations to aim for Sustainability, Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity.

"GAIMM" Changer

With added focus on Sustainability, we envision a Clean Environment using Clean Energy, and Clean Energy Operators using Clean Service Providers.


     O U R    M I S S I O N:   


To provide Solutions, Systems, and Products, which contribute to Efficient Production through Low Carbon Initiatives in a Zero Emissions Environment. 

As a Global Asset Maintenance Partner, we provide cleaner, cost-effective quality services.

"Global Warming is not something that is happening to us. 

Global Warming is happening for us!"

An atmospheric transformation that inspires us to Change and Reimagine everything that we make and do. 

We must now build, be innovative, and effect change to create a pathway that awakens creativity, compassion, and genius.

               "This is neither a liberal agenda nor is it a conservative one; this is the Human Agenda." 

- Pawl Hawken.


By integrating the UNDP SDGs and the Paris Agreement - (International Treaty on Climate Change) as part of our core principles, we aim to incorporate and illustrate the Socio-economic impacts to our Environment that have made us unconsciously contribute to GHG's in our workplace.

The lack of awareness of our current and future actions can continue to undermine the quest to be economically viable as a business and a society. 

Being Profitable is no longer about Financial Margins and Targets set by Shareholders.

The profitability of an Individual, Business, Community, Society, Economy, and Country now requires the inclusion of our Natural and Social Capital. It's about leaving a more Sustainable and Circular Economy for Generations to Come.


What about You?

O U R   S T O R Y

A journey that took dramatic strides towards reducing emissions and creating sustainability within Service Operations of Marine, Energy, and Petroleum sectors. 

A P R I L   2019


Our journey to expertise

Global Asset Integrity and Maintenance Management Services Co. Ltd (GAIMMS) was incorporated in April 2019 and began operations at the beginning of October 2020.

GAIMMS, as the acronym emphasizes, intends to be the "GAME Changer"  within the Service Industry.  With a bold purpose and passion for reinventing Maintenance, Repair, and Service Operations within our economy's Key Sectors to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) emissions, a "New Way of Work" is required. 

We are a Team of Environmentally obsessed individuals with a passion for empowering each other to rethink how we live and rethink how we do business for Industrial Maintenance, Repair, and Service Operations.

D E C E M B E R   2025


Make it Great!

We aim to achieve Comprehensive Wealth. The focus will be on incorporating and educating our staff, fellow Energy and Industrial Sectors Operators, Communities, and a broader extent Society on living within a Net Zero Economy.

Our KPIs will be environmentally focused     with efficiency as opposed to the traditional economic performance measurements. 

We will provide our clients with sustained quality through eco-efficient solutions. Thus, decarbonizing our operations and have a  Clean, Green, and sustainable environment. 

M A Y   2021

When A Successful Journey Feels Right!

Creativity, Innovation, and Passion are embedded into our daily communication as we seek to reinvent the Modus Operandi in the Service Sector Market.

It all began with making a firm decision to become Radical Pioneers and Risk Takers of establishing the first-ever Decarbonized Net Zero service facility within the Caribbean.

Huge Aspirations for a Small Organization. Leaving behind our Corporate Portfolios and Distinguished Profiles to take up the Challenge of Making a Difference in Our Society and Our Environment.

As Inspirational Leaders, we empowered Employees and Partners to join in the journey of being Trend Setters for a Green and Clean Environment.

We benchmarked our KPIs for SUCCESS against the environment we help to create for the Next Generation of Maintenance, Repair, and Service Operators.


With a background as a Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, and a former Senior Executive in the Energy Sector, Derek brings real-world international business acumen, integrated with rigorous professional coaching and training expertise to the organization.

Clients know him for his commitment to using solid science, technical and industry-based methods (procedures, systems, processes) in enabling them to grow and sustain their business operations safely and cost-effectively while upholding quality in product and service delivery.

As an entrepreneur with global partners, it is his privilege to work with regional and local Leaders and aspiring employees to elevate working interconnectedly in today's complex and uncertain world.

"Change is simple, not easy, but SO worth it! Research-based methods, inspired by people, drive me." - Derek Cardinez

F R E E   C A L L

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